This campaign swapped static graphics for dynamic animated titles, a shift that I spearheaded within the VenuesWest marketing team. It marked a move towards filmed content for larger campaigns, replacing reliance on stock footage. To combat audience fatigue, the Swim School campaign featured variations of the core video concept. These simple yet impactful ads fostered a more personal connection with parents, resulting in a significant increase in enrolments. Unlike previous campaigns, this one achieved consistent branding across Instagram loops, digital screens, and flat posters.
 @perthsportslife encouraged the public to share their own WA sports content. This challenging campaign, filmed and edited within a day, replaced outdated graphics on VenuesWest digital screens and social media. Its step-by-step guide showcased how to easily post about any sporting event, from elite competitions to school carnivals. The result? A significant increase in user-submitted content and engagement.

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