The #MyFreoStory video competition and campaign was created to obtain user-generated content from Fremantle enthusiasts, allowing us to promote the city more organically. I partnered with Donna Yates to produce the video campaign, including the storyboard and script. Media Engine then handled the film crew. Our script used tongue-in-cheek humour and changing headwear to highlight the best Fremantle offers while appealing to diverse demographics. The adverts were scheduled across radio, digital channels, and print in Perth. 
The following year, we took full control by scripting, producing, filming, and scheduling our own video, radio, and print ads. We intentionally gave the video a DIY aesthetic to encourage wider participation with everyday smartphone footage. Our campaign showcased the best entries from the previous year and achieved phenomenal results: 1.67 million viewing impressions compared to the previous year's 113.8 thousand – all while reducing the digital spend by over two-thirds.
Overall, both campaigns delivered a fantastic ROI. They successfully increased awareness, visitation, and spending in Fremantle. Additionally, the acquired entries provided valuable content and footage, allowing us to create even more engaging organic and paid videos for key attractions.

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