Corner Gallery was originally founded by myself, J'aime Fazackerley, and Alex Miller. Our first exhibit in the Corner & Grey Door Gallery was named Hideous Beauty. Due to increased external photography work, I stepped away as a co-director but continued to volunteer my spare time. My artwork for this exhibit, which became a feature of the gallery, was a slice of a concrete pool corner with tiles and paving, dropped into the gallery space. It was titled "Pool-Cut-Away."
Exhibitors included Martin E Wills (WA), Aldous Massie (SYD), Adam Cicchini (WA), William Harden (SYD), Alex Miller (WA), Lewis Buttle (SYD), Josh Garner (WA), Rob Jenkins (WA), J’aime Fazackerley (WA), Aaron Webber (WA), Wanjie Song (WA), Gibson Fox (SYD), Jarrad Burley (WA), James Simmons (WA), Calliope Bridge (WA), Luke Thompson (WA), Twentyeleven (WA), Miles Noel (WA), YOYO (WA), Sugarsweet (WA), Hurben (WA), William Daek (WA), Cam Campbell (WA), Jerome Davenport (WA), Anne Barnetson (WA), and Riley Blakeway (SYD).
Hideous Beauty's Grey Gallery featured my wooden horse sculpture and photographs of the Pool-Cut-Away artwork being skated. Below is a video of the skating session that took place during the photography shoot.

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