5 Short Blasts is a work by artists Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey. This art project takes audiences on small, quiet boats along the river for a unique listening experience. The work navigates through overlapping spheres of activity, signaled by a composed radio broadcast that blends seamlessly with the ambient soundscape. It's a choreography of overlapping activities and an orchestration of water-related sound signals and voices, highlighting the intersection of industry, community, and recreation.
For this project, Madeleine and Tim commissioned me to document Five Short Blasts over a week, both on and off the boats. I then edited this footage into a 10-minute long-form journey and a shorter promotional clip, as seen below.
Part of my documentation process included editing the 1+ hour audio broadcast from the boats and condensing it into highlights to synchronize with my own footage and audio recordings. Along with the video documentation, I captured stills to complement the clips. These stills can be found in Five Short Blasts art reviews across the internet.

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