This campaign replaced flat graphic artwork with animated titles. My campaign changed the creative advertising process within the VenuesWest marketing team, with bigger campaigns being filmed rather then using stock images and stock videos. The swim school campaign was filmed in different ways so it could be posted in differing variations to stop audience fatigue. These simple, but effective adverts, gave a more personal connection to parents viewing and the adverts lead to increased enrolment. Unlike previous campaigns these adverts matched in branding across Instagram loops, digital screens and flat posters. Swim school enrolments increased from previous campaigns.
@perthsportslife is a channel created to get sports people and the public sharing content of WA sports. This challenging campaign was filmed in a couple of hours and edited in a day to replace the old flat graphic on all VenuesWest digital screens and to post across social media. The content was to created to show the audience a step by step guide of posting of any sport event from elite athletes to kids school carnivals. Engagement of user submitted content increased. 

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